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LineZero PPF

Drive Protected

Who We Are 

Located in Camarillo, California, LineZero PPF is a specialized vehicle Clear Bra, Paint Protection and Color Change Wrap studio. Our approach is based on craftmanship; we pride ourselves on attention to detail, quality installations and delivering the best product for clients.

With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, LineZero PPF works with top rated vendors to procure high quality materials. Our knowledge and skillsets make every installation impeccable.

Paint Protection services include single stage paint correction to clear any imperfections and also include hand cut or computer plotted materials to match the lines and shape of your vehicle. Our goal is to protect the vehicle paint, now and in the future.

Precision crafted color change wraps, with the highest quality installation, include ceramic coating to seal the wrap and protect it from California sun.

Your vehicle is an important investment and our goal is to enhance and customize that experience. We offer consultation with our team providing recommended design choices and options – so please reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Clear Bra Paint Protection

There isn’t a better solution to protect your vehicle’s OEM paint then a clear bra. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thermoplastic urethane material that is layered over your vehicle’s painted surfaces, protecting the paint against the impacts of rocks and debris. Once the PPF material has been impacted, it can be removed and a new sheet can be reapplied. LineZero PPF uses PreimumShield Paint Protection as our vendor of choice.

LineZero PPF Paint Protection

Lamborghini Huracan Gloss Paint Protection

Color Change Wraps

With thousands of colors to choose from, making your car stand out has never been easier. Every wrap we install provides full coverage, wrapped edges and invisible seams. Color change wraps are one-hundred percent reversible. We can remove the wrap and the original pre-wrapped paint will be in tack. This is beneficial if you lease or you are interested in various color changes over the lifetime of the vehicle.

LineZero PPF Color Change

Rolls Royce Wraith Two Tone Wrap

Ceramic Coatings

Give your vehicle the ultimate shine with a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating will enhance the look of your vehicle, protect the paint against swirl marks, due to weekly car washes, and light abrasions. Our ceramic coating installation process includes a hand wash foam bath, mild clay bar treatment, a single stage paint correction, ceramic coating, and an infrared baking to ensure the coating sets properly.

LineZero PPF CQuartz Ceramic Coatings
CQuartz Ceramic Coatings

Chrome Blackouts

Get rid of that chrome by blacking it out. LineZero PPF can completely remove all the chrome from your vehicle with a mixture of wrap material, powder coating and paint. We use all three mediums of black to ensure a flawless and consistent look to your blackout. Vinyl wrap for your window trim and accents, paint for your grille and emblems, and powder coating for your wheels for durability.

LineZero PPF Chrome Blackouts

Chrome Blackouts

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